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It could be an athlete's way of showing authorities whom to serve with a restraining order.• You are not No. In the grand scheme of things, you may not even be in the athlete's top 20.

The athlete added another notch to the uniform and the groupie got a story to tell, maybe a thank you in the form of a cash bundle, or sweet seats at the game.

"By now I needed a battery to keep up with the energetic Bubba Chuck [Iverson's nickname]."Bet that went over big with Mrs.

Iverson, who may soon receive her own million don't-divorce-me ring.

If a groupie even tries to answer your phone, dismiss her immediately. Not with the key guard, but a secure four-digit code.

And I don't mean your birth date, either.• Have a groupie power poll. Besides, if you treat a groupie like a girlfriend, she'll start thinking she has the rights of one.

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